Caleb & Jillian


Where to begin... I have known Jillian (my Alaskan best friend hehe) since the beginning of freshman year in college. She has seen me through a lot, the good and the bad through out college and has always been there for me. She has helped me start my photography business and been such an encourager through it all. I got to watch as Jillian and Caleb starting dating and watch their journey together as a couple. It has been so cool to see how the Lord has blessed them and how they are now engaged and getting married in June! God has truly blessed them and their obedience! Their love story has been fun to watch and even more fun having a part in within taking some of their engagement pictures. Whats even cooler is that my best friend and her hubby are moving to Texas after they get married because Caleb is from Texas. I cannot be more excited for you guys and love you both so very much! Jillian you are loved so much and hold such a huge part of my heart, I'm thankful for you and your friendship and grateful for all you have done for me!
I cannot wait till June 19th, 2015!