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Ansley Harris

So on Wednesday I asked my sweet friend Ansley if she would come do a shoot for me possibly before she leaves today for college. I am so thankful she said yes because I am in love with these pictures and I hope you are as well! 

Last summer I was an intern for Second Baptist Church in Houston at their west campus in Katy, Texas. While being there last summer I met one of the coolest girls and got to hang out with her constantly, and her name is Ansley Harris. Since moving here I have gotten to be around her more and I am so thankful for each time I get because this girl is truly a blessing. She is mature beyond her years; I had to keep reminding myself sometimes that she was a senior in high school. She not only loves the Lord immensely but she shows that and it radiates from her which is so encouraging to see being at this stage of life. I remember when I was her age and a senior and that was rare to see. She is nothing less than a leader and a strong one at that. She may be younger than me but I look up to her and admire how much of a leader she is and I know everyone else does as well. She truly has such a gift within ministry and I know God is going to use that. College can be pretty scary going into freshman year but I know if there is any one person who can do it, it's Ansley. You are so loved Ansley, keep that light shining for Him. You are going to do amazing things, Auburn University is so lucky to have you!
While shooting Ansley with my polaroid, she goes "does this even work?", I replied with "yep" and immediately you hear a piece of paper pop out and it turned out that she had taken my picture while I was taking hers. It did turn out pretty cool and was so funny. 

Kristen Brooke Photography