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The Nix Family

When Kyle approached me about taking their family pictures I literally was so excited. Kyle said he was surprising Christina for her birthday, which was Friday the day of the shoot, with family pictures. It was such a joy being a part of Christina's birthday and how my pictures could be such a gift. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to take these and give them something they can keep forever. Their heart for ministry is so amazing and incredible to watch. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Kyle, Christina and there sweet little McKinley Lynn, as much as I enjoyed taking them and going through them! I am posting a lot because I literally could not just choose a few, especially coming from my indecisive self! I know your birthday was Friday Christina but once again Happy Birthday, glad I am apart of your lives!

So I have to share what was happening to get this picture above. What most of you do not know is that I was not only blessed with an amazing boyfriend, but a boyfriend who also has an eye for photography and helps me out above and beyond at all my shoots. From carrying all my props, making the kids laugh, and walking around taking pictures on his phone of possible spots to take pictures at. He is a huge help to say the least! He was hiding behind me and popping out at little McKinley over and over again and as you can see, she was loving it. 
 Notice in the picture above the lipstick kiss on her cheek from Christina!


Kristen Brooke Photography