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This is the beginning.

The beginning of something new, something different and something very challenging for me to do.
I personally am terrible at writing and when I put my thoughts down they normally turn out to be all jumbled and not organized at all, with a lot of grammatical errors. 
So please, bear with me as I try my best.

Photo Credit: Joylita Photography

As a photographer I am apparently supposed to do this thing called "blogging". Something I never thought I would do, but here I am, blogging my little heart away. This blog will be about my personal life, my photography, and about what the Lord is teaching me/doing in my life. 

For a while my family has been telling me to blog and I kept telling them I have nothing to write about and no one cares to know but yesterday a lady I met made me rethink that. I had a job interview yesterday and this lady and myself did not even talk about the job to be honest. We shared our stories and what the Lord is doing in our lives. I shared about my life and where I am at, and she was nothing less than completely interested and even got the "goosebumps" as we talked. She kind of made me realize how good God has been to me and how where I am at in life in extremely exciting which than made me really excited to be honest. So this is me, sharing my life with whoever is interested.

Thanks for reading!


Kristen Brooke Carden