Sophia Kidd // Senior Session

The last few weeks have been full of senior sessions and I can't complain because I have loved meeting and getting to know all of our #KBSeniors. Recently, I got to hang out with Sophia!

I'm not one to believe in coincidences at all so when her family faced the death of a loved one days before her session, plans changed a little on their end. It meant that dad got to join her during her session while mom traveled across the world, and he did an incredible job!

He was stinking HILARIOUS! And don't they say that laughter medicine for the soul? Thanks to dad's insane humor, we got some great shots. In fact, Sophia has such a cool family story. You see, her parents are from different countries and she was born in Alaska! Crazy to think that now they're here in Texas. 

Sophia will be attending the University of Texas for electrical engineering this fall! And aside from being brilliant, she's super sweet. This girl has some great advice for the class behind her: "do everything you can and enjoy the little things because it goes by so fast and you can’t go back and relive it." Sophia, I couldn't agree with you more!!!

Thanks for reading!


Kristen Carden Holbrook