Pregnancy update!

  • How far along: 20 weeks today! Cannot believe we are half way! Time has flown by, I thank Carden for that. Constantly chasing him around has made the days go by so fast! I cannot believe we will have another baby in 4ish months, so crazy and exciting. 
  • Gender: Another sweet boy for us to love on. Carden will LOVE having a brother. Super excited about saving money on clothes and another boy to have that sweet and special mama bond with! Boy mommas you know what I mean. 
  • Maternity clothes: Pink Blush Maternity is where its at when it comes to maternity clothes. Other than that I just wear my normal clothes because they still fit. 
  • Stretch marks: No new stretch marks (insert praise hands) but of course that will probably change.
  • Sleep: Sleeping pretty well other than the 1,578 times I get up to go to the bathroom... okay maybe more like 5-7 times. I still can sleep on my stomach surprisingly because with Carden this time I couldn't. 
  • Movement: Yes, I feel the little guy kicking and moving all through out the day, but mainly at night when I lay down. I felt Carden way more though at this point and way stronger. My doctor says this is because my body already knows what to do so it is already stretched out in there and baby has room and thats why I don't feel as much like I did with Carden. 
  • Symptoms: No symptoms, I honestly haven't felt pregnant. They only thing that reminds me that I am pregnant is that I am constantly having to use the bathroom. 
  • Cravings: cravings are all over the place, currently it is cheetos and guac, but mainly healthier lighter foods I would say. 
  • Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan on June 5th! Cannot wait to stare at our nameless baby moving around! I want to be real and honest and ask for your prayers that everything is normal and baby is healthy because you mommas know that anything abnormal can scare you when pregnant. Well I have been so anxious because my belly is way small for 20 weeks, at least compared to the size I was with Carden at this time. I even started out this pregnancy weighing more than I did when I got pregnant with Carden so it just hasnt made sense. Im hoping its because the baby is just laying weird or maybe I'm just carrying completely different. So please be praying because of course this momma is going to worry when something is a little strange like that. It could be absolutely nothing, but once again I am a mom and I am going to worry. 

Thanks for reading!