the family session "stress"

// Padgett Family //

A lot of moms who I talk to about scheduling family sessions always mention how stressed they are about the session! I completely understand this! Family sessions can be so stressful. From planning outfits, to getting the kids ready and on time to the session, to getting them to smile throughout the session, having kids fight during the session, or the one kid who screams the entire time. I have seen it all, and honestly it doesn't phase me anymore. I just try to encourage the family during the session that "its okay", "this is normal", "I promise you we got good pictures even though you probably feel like we didn't". The best thing to do when coming into a family session is to relax. As a mom I get it and I feel you on those family picture days. I also dread them and leave a sweaty hot mess. BUT I know in the end I will always get good pictures and it's worth it. The stress, the sweat, the tears... I get it! So when booking/planning a family session know that in the end it is totally worth it to have that precious time captured and those images blown up hanging on your wall. I never regret a family session, nor do my KB clients! 

On the other hand here is a session that couldn't have gone better, and one that is proof that an easy family session IS in fact POSSIBLE. This is what every family dreams of having a session be like. The kids smiled when told to, posed how they were told to, and for the most part just interacted on their own with each other perfectly to give me beautiful and organic images. I can't get over these images and could not wait to share them with you all, these will be some of my favorite images forever I can guarantee you that. The organic feel of these images has had me swooning for days. As much as I want to share every. single. one. I can't, because then the blog post would be beyond long so here a some favorites! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!