Lana Holbrook // An Impromptu Session

I'm super excited to share these pictures and this impromptu session with you because it gives me a rare opportunity to publically brag on this girl!

A little over three years ago, I said two words that tied me forever to my husband Evan and  his family. Instantly, our family grew and just like that I got another sister. Over the years, I've gotten to know Lana in a deeper way and I have been so blessed! Like, beyond blessed. 

This is what I have come to know about Lana...girl is selfless! I mean she's is the one that got up with me at 3am in the middle of a massive hurricane because I was the sickest I have ever been. She never considered being exposed to the crazy bug I had and that she later got. Lana, I'm still super sorry about that but hey, they're memories, right?!?

She also has a laugh that is downright CONTAGIOUS!

Recently, she's temporarily moved in with us as she completes her internship in Houston and I have loved watching her be an aunt to my boys. She's great at creatively tiring Carden out by telling him to do "zoomies" which basically means he runs around the house doing laps! Her moving with us has not only allowed me to see her more often but I have also benefitted from her great choice of snacks. I am currently OBSESSED with ranch veggie sticks because of her!

When she asked if I could take a few pictures of her for her upcoming graduation during Carden's 2nd birthday party, there's no way I could say "no." So here are a few of the shots we got. This girl is beautiful inside and out and I am so glad God brought her into my life.

Thanks for reading!


Kristen Carden Holbrook