Julie Fox // A Maternity Session

I first met Julie in a salon. Yes…while we both got our hair taken care of, I was able to share about my family and my business and she got to share about her pregnancy!

I was excited when she reached out to schedule their maternity session. I just LOVE hearing about and capturing milestone memories like Julie & Jordan’s first baby! They are better than me though, because baby Fox’s gender was TOP SECRET until delivery day.

Julie loves surprises and the feel of anticipation. She has such a sweet personality and obvious love of life. I love hearing about the differences between her and Jordan even when it came to picking out a baby name because it reminds me so much of Evan and I. Julie would tell you she is more traditional with names and Jordan not so much. So picking out a name was kind of hard. I get it! Evan is more like Julie and I am more like Jordan when it comes to picking out names so we agreed on very few when it came to picking out Lincoln’s name just like they did! Luckily, we all figured it out and are loving our babies and their names…hahaha.

Here’s a little sneak peak of their maternity session for you to enjoy. They were both so easy to work with and I love that they included their fur baby as well!

Congrats Julie and Jordan on your new baby boy! I know that adjusting to life as family of three can be hard but I know that you wouldn’t trade it for the world! Babies are unpredictable, refining and sweetness all wrapped up in one. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a sweet season in your life and I look forward to seeing you both grow in your new roles.

Thanks for reading!


Kristen Carden Holbrook