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Products I LOVE!

I am in the process of some new stuff on the blog including some more personal posts. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to do one of these, and I may do them periodically. Whenever I see one of my favorite bloggers share their favorite things I immediately go look because well one, I'm nosey and two I find some of my favorite products from their list. Which I will name a few below. This is just for fun and because I think everyone needs to know about this stuff if you don't! Lastly, this is not sponsored or a paid blog post. These are truly my favorite products that I just have to share about. So enjoy :)

1. O.R.G. Mineral Face Peel

Link HERE for $5 sample and product at normal price. $44 

Link HERE for cheaper option! $26.49 (Crazy difference I know but its the same amazing stuff)

This is one of my favorite products. I found this on a blog, the blogger (I cannot remember her name) she was sharing about this in short videos on her story. She shared how she was obsessed with it and what it does and then followed it with that she wasn't being paid to tell about to nor was asked too, she just loved it that much. She completely sold me! I went online and they sell a sample for $5 dollars and I tried it and OH. MY. GOODNESS. YALL. I immediately ordered it. I found it works best right after your shower, and you spray it all over your face, let it sit for 3 seconds, then you literally scrub with your hands as hard as you can all over and dead skin literally falls off everywhere (kinda gross but so amazing). Then you wash it off with water and apply your favorite moisturizer which I will talk my favorite later. I found that its easier to do the top half of my face first then the bottom half. It is kinda pricey but oh so worth it. I bought my sample off their site and then bought my actual bottle off overstock.com because it was a little cheaper there. Good news though, a few days ago they started selling it in ULTA. Y'all get this stuff or at least try the $5 sample and see for yourself. My face is so soft, clearer, and I honestly feel like I don't need face make up now because its literally changed my complexion so much. Also fun tip- spray your lips and rub the dead skin off your lips and your lips will feel like a babies bottom ;) I want to try their cleanser so bad, once I do I'll let you know how it is! 

2. Aveeno Moistorizer 


I have used this stuff ever since high school and it is my all time favorite. Both my sisters use it as well, we have for years! It doesn't make my skin oily or anything. I use it after every shower and after every time I wash my face. I just love it so much. This is a for sure I cannot live without product, I use it everyday and if I don't my face just feels stiff and like cardboard. Weird deal haha. They sell one with SPF and I've tried it and for some reason it makes my face oily but not the one with no spf. 

3. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco- Extra Penetrating Oil for Dry and Course Hair


So right before college I made the worst mistake ever and  thought I was smart by dying my hair brown so I could "save money by not getting my hair done". Really Kristen.... (nothing against brunettes) but I just hate my hair when its dark. Oddly enough I don't feel like myself for some strange reason, feel like being blonde just fits my personality more. So everyone I met at college just assumed I was and have always been a brunette which was not the case, I had blonde hair in high school, like REAL blonde. So after a while of being brunette I got an ombre. Right when ombre became super popular. It destroyed my ends and looking back did not look good at all. Then I dyed it all blonde and after all this coloring my hair was fried and felt like straw or something. I googled and googled what products would help/fix my hair and found a review on this stuff and got it. Immediately after the FIRST use my hair felt normal... and I have never stopped using it since. I use it after every shower, a quarter size in the palm of my hand and I put it everywhere except my roots. It sold literally everywhere, not hard to find. Makes your hair super soft and silky and restores its health!

4. TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment


I mainly get cystic acne and I have been on the search for something for it. Especially being pregnant I get more than normal because apparently cystic acne is hormonal. I am all about doing tons of research on products and reading reviews before buying things and I found this on amazon with awesome reviews. The picture is deceiving and you think your getting a huge bottle but its actually is only 0.25oz.... this through me off guard when I received it. Apparently I didn't read that part haha. BUT in all reality it last a LONG time, and once I realized that then I wasn't upset. This is an all natural product which I love. It has "Bentonite Clay that draws out toxins, eliminates impurities and helps in calming irritated skin. It effectively eliminates acne by providing oxygen to cells via drawing out excess hydrogen produced in the cell, allowing oxygen to replace it", along with other essential oils. I put it on at night and let it stay on till morning. It smells so good, and its kinda interesting to move your face when wearing it. I wear it and Carden normally points at it and pokes it and it's hilarious (it dries green, thats why). This stuff works, I wake up and the cystic acne is smaller every day. I even put it on my forehead for those small little bumps I may get too. Go read the "about product info", its pretty awesome. Expensive but worth it, and it last a while. 

I have some more everyday favorites but I'll save them for next time, plus I think I have written too much, can you tell I am passionate about this stuff?!

Also please note that we all have different skin types, hair and what not so this may not work the same it did for you as it did for me, even though I am kinda convinced it will haha. But I will say its worth a shot to see, because for me it's all a WIN. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try any of these and if they work for you! I post another soon, these are just fun & I love sharing with you all!