hundreds of mosquitos, a broken shoe & endless laughter

So I had the wonderful opportunity to have a session with one of Houston's favorites, Keith Garvin, a news anchor/reporter for KRPC Channel 2 news and his beautiful family! This family is seriously a beautiful family, inside and out. They had me laughing the entire time and even stuck the entire session out with all the swarming mosquitos, so kudos to them. Not to mention, one of the girls broke her shoe during the session as well. This session was pretty eventful to say the least! The Garvin's made me miss my family for sure being from a family of three girls with them having four girls. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take these pictures and meet this incredible family. I love how these pictures turned out, hope y'all do as well! 

Garvin Family-Garvin Family-0013.jpg
Garvin Family-Garvin Family-0007.jpg

I mean just look at this family and the picture above, its obvious how fun they are. If you do not know this family you should because they made me want to hang out with them all the time because they are one awesome family.

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Kristen Holbrook

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