freckles on freckles on freckles!

So some of you know that I am currently on bed rest because I started having early contractions a few days ago, with that being said I have a lot of spare time to blog which is a great thing because I need to share these sessions with you all! Especially this one of this beautiful girl! Channing is seriously so stunning and you will all see that once you scroll down and see more pictures. Her freckles are my absolute favorite, freckles are just so unique! While going through these pictures I truly thought I was looking at a model, she made my job beyond easy as you can see how breathtaking this girl is. She is not just gorgeous on the outside but on the inside this girl shines as well. I know she is excelling in college and on her volleyball team because this girl is a rockstar. I love following her and watching her life through social media! So glad I got to take her senior pictures :)

Thanks for reading!