Carden Lane // Year One

Carden Lane

March 11th, 2016

My little 8lb, 20 inch baby is now 22lbs and 31 inches long. 


Starting out Carden had his days and nights mixed up as a newborn but that was fixed with a routine within two days. We just kept him in his diaper and all the lights on during the day, and that seemed to do the trick (Let me know if you want to know more about how we did that, I would love to share!). We put Carden in his nursery at a month old, which was hard but ultimatley it was the best decision. At one month old he slept through the night and only woke up for one feeding and went back to sleep [insert the praise hands emoji].  At 3 months old he slept through the night completely with no feedings. We are big on the cry-it-out method, which really paid off.  We are very blessed with a good sleeper. 


Nursing was and is so special to me, it was the coolest bonding experience ever and I miss it so much. Carden nursed until 9 months old! We would have went longer but Carden would get frustrated because my letdown wasn't coming fast enough for him and it made nursing miserable for the both of us. We were both much happier when I decided to stop. Currently, this kid eats like a college guy, he eats everything, especially meat! 


Carden has his bottom two teeth. He got the bottom two at 10 months old, and currently is getting his top two teeth....prayers appreciated. 


With Carden you can buy him all the toys in the world but all he wants is balls and a good ole sock to throw. He is newly obsessed with books. We love reading him books. Carden started walking at 12 months ( he is up to like 6 steps) but currently he still crawls because its faster. Carden loves to clap, blow kisses, give kisses, wave, do sign language, and give hugs. "Ball" is his all time favorite word, he can also say "dog", "dada," "mama" (occasionally) "book",  and "bye-bye". 

Favorite moments from the year:

I have loved watching him grow and learn new tricks. He is a little entertainer and watching him learn new tricks to entertain people with is so rewarding. Carden is really smart and you can show him something once and he has it. I have loved learning how to be a parent with Evan and mature together with the hardships and rewards of being a parent.

Here are some of my favorite baby items!

Stroller-  This stroller was a huge investment but worth every penny. It's so easy to fold up and we knew we would have lots of babies (being honest) and it would be pointless to get a single sitting stroller because we would just have to turn around and get a new one. So with this one you can add another seat when that times come for a good price rather than buying an entire new stroller. I'm telling you, this stroller is the bomb. It is the Baby Jogger City Select and we have the all black one. Click here for the link. 

We didn't get the carseat that goes with it though. WE preferred the Maxi-Cosi because well, its amazing. It's super soft and claims to be one of the lightest carseats (which I agree with) Link HERE. BUTTTTT if you o get the Maxi-Cosi carseat you need the adapters for the stroller to use it, they just snap right in. Link HERE

Sound Machine- This is a LIFESAVER. We have used the white noise from day one. This blocks out all other noises, and helps so much. We don't ever have to tip-toe around our house while he is sleeping, thanks to this! Also its a must for traveling, especially for hotels when you have to sleep near baby. Link HERE.

Food Pouch Spoon- This is so handy when out and about and especially traveling. Every time I pull this out people stare with amazement of what an awesome invention it is. MUST need! Link HERE

Disposable Place Mat Cover- This is also a must need for restaurants. Saves you the mess and extra germs on the table. Link HERE.

Zarbee's Cough Syrup- This stuff is AMAZING! It helps so much when they have a cough or cold. Seriously my favorite stuff for Cardy man. It's my go-to baby shower gift because not a lot of people know about it. Not to mention this stuff is all natural- even better right? Then after they turn one they have one with honey for the next step, and a nighttime one!  This is a need for all moms. Link HERE. (It's at most drug stores and grocery stores) 

Zip-up Sleepers- Mom's don't get the button up sleepers. Just don't, they are never fun no matter what age. The last thing you want to do in the middle of the night with a newborn is button a ton of buttons in the wee hours of the night in dim lighting. I bought every color of these in like almost every size as Carden grew. Girl mommas they have girl colors too! Link HERE.  

Hope these items were helpful! Thanks for reading :) Fill out the form below to never miss a blog post! 




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