13 things

Here are 13 things you may or may not know about me!

1. Growing up I always wanted to be a whale trainer at Sea World (Yes I have seen Black Fish, and yes Sea World needs some improvement and lots of changes need to be made). I have always been obsessed with Orca Whales and if you were to walk in to my apartment right now you would see whales all over the place. My dream has always been able to see one in the wild and that dream is coming true this summer thanks to one of my best friends Jillian. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer in Alaska and we are going on a whale cruise through some glaciers and we are going to see whales and all kinds of cool animals. Needless to say, I kinda freaked out when she told me this and teared up a little.

2. I'm beyond afraid of and hate ladybugs and butterflies. Im convinced lady bugs smell terrible and are crunchy... yes crunchy. Fun story: One time Evan took me on a date to this place where you walk in all these different rooms filled with different kinds of animals and what not. One of the rooms was filled with butterflies, and we had to go through it. Evan, knowing my fear held me in this room full of thousands of butterflies for a solid minute until I ran out. Super scary moment but absolutely hilarious at the same time.

3. I graduated college in three years from at the age of 20 from Liberty University (best school ever) in May of 2014. Liberty is the largest Christian college in the world and largest online school. I majored in religion and specialized in women's ministry. 

4. I am the baby of three girls. Carrie (24) being the oldest, and she lives in my hometown in Virginia. Amber (23) is the middle and she is married to Andrew Bragg and they live in Georgia. My sisters are my best friends! 

 Left to Right: Kristen (21), Amber (23), Carrie (24)

Left to Right: Kristen (21), Amber (23), Carrie (24)

5. I once was bit by a monkey, yes you read that right... a monkey. This is probably one of my favorite stories. One time I went to the zoo back in Virginia and I may have or may not have climbed over the fence and went up to the actual cage that the monkeys were in and held hands wight the monkeys. I think one either was hungry or angry at me and bit my finger, really realllllly hard. So my lesson for you is to never climb over an animal exhibit fence at the zoo.

6. I eat way to much ketchup and always have. I'm quite obsessed actually. With not only ketchup but with chicken fingers and fries. I could eat that for every meal, no lie.  

7. I have always dreamt of owning my own multi-purpose coffee shop with a photography studio in it that not only sells coffee but other stuff as well. I have had this vision for a while now, so we shall see if it happens one day. If you follow me on instagram @kristen.holbrook, then you should know I love me some cute coffee shops, its kinda a hobby of mine, finding new and awesome coffee shops.

8. I LOVE to decorate. I thought about going into interior design growing up, its definitely a passion of mine. 

9. Pet Peeves: Whispering... hands down. I just think its rude to whisper in front of people, if you have to whisper then wait till your in private with that person to tell them that "secret". Also another is when someone does not believe/trust me. 

10. I have cheered my entire life, for my schools and competitively (even on four teams at one time) and I have coached cheer. In high school I was one of four captains of my cheer team during my senior year and we won the state cheer competition in 2010 and received a pretty awesome state championship ring. I also cheered for FAME All-stars on a few different teams within FAME. I was on FAME Super Seniors when they first made supers and we made it to the Cheerleading Worlds in 2008 and 2009 and won 10th and 6th, which also fun fact, was shown on ESPN. 

For some reason it won't let me post this video so click HERE to view our state championship routine for Cosby High School. Im that one girl going crazy with the lightning bolt. LOL. 

Above my team and myself performing at worlds in 2008.

Above is our routine from 2009, I could not find our performance from worlds, so this is cheer sport. 

11. I have a natural sad/mad face... something I have had to deal with growing up. The constant "are you okay?" and "whats wrong?" questions were always asked when in reality I'm a super happy person. I know a lot of people have this problem and can relate. It is a struggle, especially being the really happy person I am, still working on always being cautious of my face...sounds weird but its true haha.

12. I made a really embarrassing youtube channel growing up with some very very very embarrassing videos. I had no life apparently, and if you find my channel, kudos to you. 

13. Triple fact! I could nap everyday if I could, and if vacationing could be a hobby it would be mine. Also, I could watch TV/Netflix all day, thats my outlet for sure. TV to me, is reading to most people.

Thanks for reading!


Kristen Holbrook